The Consequences of an Expired Car Insurance

Cars are a huge investment, which is why you have to use car insurance to protect it. Related to this, each state has set minimum requirements for auto insurance. It is important to note that each state must have auto insurance (if you have a car). If you want to know the minimum insurance requirements for your state's auto insurance, you can consult your local car department or any car insurance provider in your state.

So why is your country so worried about whether your car is insured? First of all, most accidents are inevitable. If you encounter a problem, your car insurance will pay for your car damages as well as your hospital bill if you are injured. Then you only pay the deductible. How do you pay for these expenses without car insurance? How will you spend the financial pressures of the next few days, weeks, months or even years? This is a perfect example of a law that only focuses on your benefits, and it is wise to follow it. Stop driving until you get the car insurance you need, and you need to be considered a legitimate driver in your state.

Let us now list the factors that may exist in your nightmare, if you are caught without car insurance. In some states, fines for car insurance or expired car insurance are worse than those for drunk driving. You may lose a license from 6 months to a year; pay a very high penalty, known from $150.00 to $300.00 or more, and you may even be asked to provide community service. Some states even ask you to pay for a court hearing, which is as expensive as a fine. You can even ask for a so-called uninsured surcharge, which may require you to pay between $100.00 and $250.00 per year for up to three years. How important it is to driving proper car insurance.

If you purchase or renew your car insurance after an illegal act, you may be able to reduce your penalties, but usually only if you can prove that you have a car insurance on or before the offensive date. Having said that, we can bet you won't even consider risking driving without car insurance.


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