4 Different Types of Car Insurance Policies

Currently, motor insurance is the ideal way to ensure a good life for yourself and your expensive vehicle. Motor insurance keeps your big amount of money spent on your car safely. But on the same hand, car insurance is also quite expensive. In addition to compulsory third party insurance, four different types of car insurance covers are available.

Different types of motor insurance

1.Fully Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy Types

Comprehensive motor insurance is an insurer's most comprehensive policy. It is also the most common policy in the US. This type of car insurance covers the most damage to your car due to collision, flood, fire, storm and theft. This also includes cover for damage to other people's cars and property due to a collision with your car.

Different Types of Car Insurance
Different Types of Car Insurance

Although this type of car insurance policy is the most expensive, it is still the most common type of motor insurance. This is because the insurance offers compensation or all kinds of cases such as theft, accident, wear and tear. Covers. If, unfortunately, an accident occurs where you were not guilty while the other driver who did the accident is not his and his insurance details; you do not have to worry. To be a policyholder of the fully comprehensive program, you can register an insurance claim against your car insurance company. But while taking this policy, an essential thing must be kept in mind.

There are some car insurance companies that do not guarantee your vehicle 100% of its value, but of 80% or so. Although many companies defend their policies as a measure to prevent themselves from fraud cases, etc. Try your commitment to finding the agency that ensures your vehicle 100%.

2.Drieparty Fire and theft insurance cover

This type of motor insurance policy covers the damage to your car due to fire or theft, as well as the cover for damage that causes your car to other people's property. This type of insurance is basically intended for the car owners who completed their car loans, but still admired, caring for their car and having good sentiment to it. This policy is somewhat related to the fully comprehensive one, but not identical to that. As the latter covers the former cases of theft, accident, fire, etc. But in case of an accident, you can only get compensation if you were guilty and hit another car. So, if any other car affects you or you accidentally in the garage, the insurance company will not receive your financial assistance.

3.Dieparty damage to property insurance cover

After the CTP, it is seen as the minimum non-compulsory policy. It will cover you for the damage your car causes to other people's property. Even if you do not think your car is worthy to ensure that you accept this policy, you will cover the damage if you collided with a luxury car, an account that may be worth thousands.
Third party property damage is the insurance that is the cheapest of all and covers only cases of accidents where you owe and hit a third party. The insurance company should not be contacted in case of any other accident with your vehicle. This insurance policy is generally preferred by those who own an old and less expensive car or any other vehicle.

4.Specialized Car Insurance

This type of car insurance is basically for cars classified as classic cars, those who are 25 years old. These classic cars are classically assured and therefore they have their requirements and services. The classic car insurance policy can be said to be as good as the comprehensive one, but the only disadvantage involved is that it limits the policy owner to a limited number of roadmills that he can manage in any given year.

Ultimately, it is at the discretion of each individual what policy he wants to take. It is advisable to sort out one's requirements and budget and also give an overview of the automotive insurance policies in the market before a policy is really seized. If you do not currently have motor insurance, it is necessary to get cover as soon as possible. Get a free quotation for the type of car insurance listed above so that you are protected from the unexpected.


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