• About motor insurance

  • Motor insurance is basic insurance that drivers can buy for any type of vehicle to protect against losses that result in traffic accidents. Motor insurance policies are in fact a bunch of different coverings. This insurance will usually cover the insured, the insured motor vehicle and any third party. Different policies will identify the situations in which each of these entities is covered.

  • Below are the specific coverings involved in purchasing motor insurance.

  • - Liability insurance: Liability cover is the most basic and fundamental cover in motor insurance policies and is required in most countries. This cover ensures that if you are in a culprit you will pay your liability insurance for damage to property damage and property damage from any third party involved. This cover includes legal accounts. Remember that third parties can ask you for damage to pain and suffering. Minimum insurance can not be exceeded in more extreme cases. This is why many people recommend that drivers buy more than the required minimum state. Liability levels are usually transferred with three numbers. For example, liability limits of 20/50/10 indicate coverage of $ 20,000 in injury coverage per person, $ 50,000 injuries coverage accidentally, and $ 10,000 injuries damage cover by accident.
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